Production Workflow is to manage the order flow from one department to another. Each employee can work on the order and mark the status accordingly. Orders can be sent from 1 department to other.


Different Workflows for Different Products

Create Separate workflows according to your product processing. Arrange departments in the required order and get orders processed smoothly.

Multiple Department workflow

Create Multiple Departments and manage order flow between the departments.

Multiple Users in each department

Multiple users account for each of your departments to manage work distribution within the department.

Set Work Status

Set different order status styles like Work In Progress, On Hold, Rejected for each of the received orders and have a view at a glance imposition for all the orders.


Admin Control

Manage Users and Departments and have a look at the order processing for any or all orders

Manage Communication

Manage Lab’s communication with customers and lab admin. Create different sets of communication for different actions and get it sent automatically.

Keep Orders in Queue

Forward orders from one department to another and keep unprocessed orders in Queue. Also, send back rejected orders to the previous department with workflow automation.